Build a national network of survivors of sexual harassment and sexual assault through grassroots organizing. Use the shared talents of this network to resource and empower survivors in the fight against sexual harassment.  



NUMBERS. As individuals, we have felt that it is too dangerous to speak out. But there is strength in numbers. When we stand together, we can make our workplaces safe. 

WORK EQUITY unites people from all walks of life who have one thing in common: We have seen or experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault in our professional lives.

RESOURCES. We each have unique strengths that we can contribute to collective action. WORK EQUITY unites individual talents to form a network of resources that can be shared among individual survivors.

Our network provides survivors with the tools that they need to stand up against sexual harassment, sexual assault, and and retaliation in the workplace.






POWER. Numbers and resources provide individuals with power. Together, we can end the feeling of fear that forces survivors of sexual assault and harassment into silence. 

By sharing our talents, WORK EQUITY will support survivors in learning to advocate for change across all workplaces, all industries, and at all levels of government.