WE Board

Our leadership uses grassroots organizing to empower survivors in the fight against sexual harassment and sexual assault. The Work Equity board is comprised of survivors who want to work with and empower other survivors in the fight against sexual harassment. 



Pamela Lopez

Board Members

Jessica Yas Barker

Mandy J. Benson

Erin O’Neal Muilenburg

Tyann Sorrell


WE Affiliates

Work Equity affiliates are empowered to pursue their own agendas and priorities. Survivors may form affiliates in any community, based on geographic region, workplace, industry, or any other shared experience.

For help forming a Work Equity affiliate, please contact Pamela@WorkEquity.net


The Takedown
Entertainment Industry

-Los Angeles, CA


Oakland Restaurant Workers     

-Oakland, CA


WE Partners

Work Equity seeks to empower survivors of sexual harassment and sexual assault through grassroots organizing. We have many partners who are leading the effort to end sexual assault through other areas of specialty, such as the law, technology, human resources, or the media.


California Employment Lawyers Association

The Center for Workers Rights